I-25 Mystery Revealed!

Have you ever been driving down I-25 and wondered... "What is that???"


Top 3 things to consider before buying a home.

If you're starting to look for a home, it's a good idea to be aware of certain things look for that can positively & negatively affect a home's value. Here's our top 3 things to consider before buying!



Making sure a home has solid bones and has been well cared for in the past is VERY important when it comes to finding the right home. That being said there are always things that you or your realtor should keep an eye out for when walking through houses:

-Age of Furnace, Hot Water Heater & A/C unit. It's good to know this up front, as the older they are, the sooner they will be an expense to you.

-Excessive cracking in concrete or foundation. Though cracking is common, sometimes it can mean settling or foundation issues...This is easy to miss when you're excited and looking at your potential dream home. Your agent should keep an eye out for anything that seems out of the norm. 

Age of roof. Though it's often hard to tell how old a roof it, your agent can easily find out. This is must know info. 



Making sure the home not only fits your financial needs but also is priced correctly for the area is also a big one. Knowing the correct pricing for an area can help avoid over paying for a home. Your agent should be able to do a comparative market analysis on the home you're considering and advise you as to what a fair offer for the home is. 



When looking for a new home it's ALWAYS important to consider the following items that can negatively effect a home's value:

Is it on a busy street? Does it back to a busy street? Is it under large power lines? Has it been well cared for? Is the home near a freeway? Plus a few other items we'll look for...

What is the price of waiting to buy?

We hear it all the time - homeowners and renters who are "waiting for the Colorado market to cool down because prices are too crazy right now."

Honestly that makes a lot of sense... However the colorado housing market just keeps going up! Here's a little analysis for you assuming the market continues to trend in the same direction.


Interesting to think about in the least! Denver's market has been going up for quite a while now... Prices are rising, AND FAST! Does it really make sense to wait...? In the end it really depends on your Real Estate and financial goals.