How Much Work Should I Do To My Home Before Selling?

The amount of work you do before selling really depends on how much YOU want to do. While updating certain parts of your home can improve the selling price, some work will improve it more than others. If you're thinking of selling, and wanting to do work on your house first... it's not a bad idea to talk to your realtor or a professional first!

What If My Home Sells Too Quickly?

"Where will I go if my home sells before I find a replacement?" It's a pretty common question... and it makes sense that it could be a concern. That being said, there are many ways to avoid being "homeless" in between a sale and purchase. From lease-back agreements to "conditional" sales... Talk to your realtor and find what will work best for you.

How Much Will Selling Cost Me?

Standard commission in Colorado is 6%. Not all of that 6% is paid to the realtor you hire to sell your home though. In Colorado the seller pays both the Buyers agent and the Listing agent they hire. Typically the Listing agent receives 3.2% of the 6%... and the rest goes to the Buyers agent. Hiring an agent to list your home can come with many perks depending on who you're working with... Talking with a few agents before choosing one is always a good idea, just to get a feel for what kind of service you should expect!



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